[K-Exclusive]: A.C.E Shows Why They’re K-Pop Aces with Concert in LA

Written by on julho 8, 2024

Returning stateside for their third U.S. tour, A.C.E performed to a crowd full of fans, known as Choice, in Los Angeles’ historic Orpheum Theatre. Despite taking place on a Wednesday night, Choice still filled up the theatre, shaking the ground with excitement as the group finally reunited following their military enlistments. The Rewind Us Tour was filled with songs both old and new, serving as the perfect homage to their recent seven year anniversary as well.

The show started at 7:30pm on the dot, as the lights dimmed and the music increased in volume. Following a quick dance introduction, A.C.E greeted fans with their first full group performance in awhile, fittingly starting off with “Goblin (Favorite Boys).” Keeping up the energy, the next song was “SAVAGE.” Both songs featured traditional Hanboks, which flowed and fluttered beautifully in the air with the intense choreography, offering a unique contrast. Taking a small breather to re-introduce themselves to the audience, the five members switched up the look and removed their Hanbok jackets, showing off their muscular and toned arms in fitted black tank tops. The group proceeded to perform “Changer,” “My Girl (Eng ver.),” “Facetime,” and “Down,” before pausing to speak with the crowd.

Discussing simple things and engaging with Choice as if they were just conversing with friends, A.C.E discussed what food to eat, how they were feeling, and what their condition was like. Donghun unfortunately felt a little under the weather, but the members reassured fans they’d do their best on stage since LA was their favorite city. The group mentioned eating at BCD Tofu House, citing it as their first taste of authentic Korean food since starting their U.S. tour. “BCD forever,” they cheered, before realizing who they were speaking to and adding on: “Choice forever! LA forever!” The group also mentioned eating apple pies in LA and being blown away, and were looking forward to trying LA tacos next.

Introducing the next segment of the show, A.C.E mentioned that these next songs were ones they typically did not include during concerts, but added to the setlist per Choice’s requests. Donghun even admitted unashamedly that he forgot the choreography to the songs due to their lack of performing them. This led straight into the next set of songs: “Higher,” “Baby Tonight,” “Clover,” and, most recently released song “Supernatural.” Once again taking a break to talk with their fans, the group asked who had seen them the last time they were in town five years ago, and who was seeing them for the first time. “How is A.C.E doing? Are we good at singing? Are we good at dancing? they asked the crowd, all of which were met with loud cheers. The group also touched briefly on their recent debut anniversary, crediting the fans for how long they’ve been able to continue on as A.C.E. “We’ve survived in this really difficult industry called “K-Pop” because of Choice.”

With their fans in mind, the next segment of the show began with “Effortless,” a cover of NewJeans’ League of Legends song “GODS,” and a cover of Taylor Swift’s summer anthem “Cruel Summer,” with a rock remix twist. Always having been known for their strong vocal prowess, the five members knocked these covers out of the park, hitting every low note, high note, and harmony with ease. These vocal cover performances led into the “final” section of the show, where the group performed slower, more sensual “Slow Dive,” and powerful and energetic “Under Cover.”

While most groups prepare VCR videos or behind-the-scenes footage for fans to enjoy between the “end of the concert” and the start of the encore, A.C.E decided to express their gratitude by playing recorded voice memos prepared by each member. Donghun, Yuchan, Byeongkwan, Junhee, and WOW recorded their most heartfelt messages filled with gratitude, hope, and love for their Choice, all in English as well. “Thank you for giving us this beautiful night,” leader Junhee started. “My best friend, my love, my Choice, my everything.”

Returning to the stage one last time before the evening would end, the group performed encore songs “Talk you down,” “Angel (eng ver.),” “Take Me Higher (Complete Ver.),” and “Story” before sharing their gratitude once more. “This concert tonight will forever remain in A.C.E’s history,” the audience’s five favorite boys began. “A.C.E keeps moving forward one by one, but we don’t get tired, and tonight’s concert proved that.” Wrapping things up with finality, leader Junhee once again stood at the helm: “We can’t laugh at every moment in our lives, but that’s what makes this moment more precious. We will all go back to reality tomorrow, but it’s for these precious moments that we work so hard.” At that, A.C.E gave one last bow to the audience, and the show was over with promises of a quick return.

Special thank you to MyMusicTaste, Beat Interactive, and A.C.E for allowing Officially Kmusic to attend! Make sure to check out all our photos from the show on our Facebook page now.

Written & Edited By Ephney Tsai

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