[K-Exclusive]: BM’s ATAP Tour Sparks a Heat Wave in Chicago

Written by on maio 28, 2024

Embarking on his first solo tour, BM’s After The After Party tour pulled out all the stops for its third stop in Chicago. Saturday was a significant day for the KARD member as he took the stage as a solo artist, accompanied by fellow Los Angeles natives Uzuhan and sunkis.

Uzuhan opened the show with a dynamic performance, delivering several of his hit songs, including “Gimme the Word,” “Bon Appetit,” and “Flirty Friends.” As a rapper, his diverse sound captivated the audience and set the stage for sunkis. With a musical style rooted in Pop and R&B, sunkis performed tracks such as the TikTok viral sensation “Like I Do,” “Top Tier,” and “4ever.” He also included a special dance-centric rendition that added a sensual allure to his already melodic set. The energy generated by these two opening acts set the stage for an electrifying performance by BM.

BM’s set began with a surge of enthusiastic screams, seamlessly transitioning into the intro of “Lowkey.” This was followed by performances of “Embers” and his latest collaborative release, “Nectar,” which features Jay Park. Each body roll heightened the energy in the room, showcasing the artist’s unparalleled charisma. The performance of “After The After Party (ATAP),” the tour’s namesake track, ignited a wave of chants and dancing that rippled from the barricade to the farthest corners of the venue.

Performances of “Bad Intentions” and “Motions,” like other English-language tracks, were marked by enthusiastic sing-alongs from the crowd. As BM removed his belt and jacket, the atmosphere intensified, reflecting the sensual nature of his songs. A particularly lucky fan experienced an intimate moment, featuring a close-up ab reveal and several dance moves that seemed straight out of fan fiction.

The gentle melodies of “Lies” and “Broken Me” offered a slower, yet captivating vibe. A subtle preview of an unreleased track delighted fans, who danced along enthusiastically with anticipation for its eventual release. One of the concert’s memorable moments was a dance segment where three pre-selected fans participated in a twerk battle, briefly shifting BM’s role from the main dancer to MC. The fun continued with a segment dedicated to BM’s dance and rap cover renditions of KARD’s “ICKY” and KOALA’s “RSVP.” Building up to this moment, BM shared a heartfelt reflection on his first concert in Chicago with his fellow KARD members, highlighting the nostalgia in those moments.

As the night drew to a close, BM shed the last of his physical inhibitions, removing his shirt and igniting a wave of excitement with his toned physique. “Body Movin” and “13IVI” were exceptionally catchy songs, with every word sung along by the crowd, just as with every song before. Despite nearing the end, the excitement in the air made it feel as though the night had just begun. Before officially concluding the night, BM returned to the stage for one last performance, fulfilling a fan-requested encore of “Body Movin.”

Having graced the Chicago stage numerous times as KARD member BM, this particular night did a wonderful job of showcasing the artist as simply BM.

Thank you to BM’s team and Konnect’d Entertainment for allowing Officially Kmusic to attend, and make sure to check out all our photos from the show on our Facebook page now!

Written By Kortney Kendall

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