[K-Exclusive]: IVE Throws an “All Night” Party for LA Fans

Written by on março 14, 2024

The six performers of girl group, IVE, kicked off the US leg of their “Show What I Have” tour at the Kia Forum. With confetti canons aplenty and beautiful backdrops, Starship Entertainment spared no expense with the concert production for IVE’s first world tour. From three costume changes within the first act —including a mini change to dress down their Cinderella-like gowns — IVE gave their sold-out Los Angeles crowd the full spectrum of how lucky it is to be a fan, known as DIVE.

Starting off with embellished angelic dresses, the pop stars would kick off the concert with an experience in the heavens with “I Am.” Once dubbed “monster rookies,” the evolution of IVE has been an exciting one to watch as they explore different concepts and effortlessly glide from simple to intense choreography while maintaining striking visuals. After a fiery rock version of “Royal,” it was impossible to not to give into the intense desire to jump when Yujin yelled “let’s go!”

Taking a break to introduce themselves, the members wanted to take their time providing fanservice to
DIVEs. Although Wonyoung’s English abilities are well known, every member displayed an impressive
improvement with their own individual language skills. Despite having a translator, IVE could hold a long
conversation with the crowd. Excitement filled the air as they performed a stellar, and slightly extended
version of their massive hit, “ELEVEN.” Since they didn’t perform the song at their first performance in LA
at KCON LA 2023, DIVEs (new and old) were in for a blast from the past.

Moving into the second act, the onscreen VCR teased the tagline: “I still have so much more to show
you,” before leading into “Shine with Me.” The ballad exercised their impressive vocal abilities, which
were stable and solid even after six straight songs with dance choreography. Even their banter with fans
were well-rehearsed. During their scheduled break for fan engagement, member Rei commented on
the outfits they could see in the crowd. “I see us in the audience! There are people wearing our
costumes, and there’s someone who dressed up like Wonyoung as a bunny!” Because this was one of the rare times they got to spend an extended period in Los Angeles, Yujin mentioned that a visit to the iconic area in Griffith Park where La La Land was filmed was on her bucket list. Although they filmed “All Night” in LA, they discussed other activities they’d like to do while they’re here. The latter half of their second act highlighted the cute, yet elegant side of IVE as they popped into the candy sweet mood of “Lips.” Taking inspiration from Singin’ in the Rain, the members frolicked with Tiffany Blue® colored umbrellas.

Self-described as the “highlight time” of the concert, IVE excitedly presented act three, which were
back-to-back subunit performances. Yujin and Leeseo did a quick dance challenge, and Yunjin pointedly
reminded fans that they only do these special stages at concerts. Gaeul was next, as she came on stage to show off a sultry cover of Ariana Grade’s “7 Rings.” Even though each solo or subunit segment was slightly over a minute long, every single one had a high production value. Each stage had its own costume change, new stage props, and different choreography. Overwhelmingly, the crowd favorite had to be Yujin and Leeseo’s fierce cover of Little Mix’s “Woman Like Me.”

Going into the last act of the show, Act 4’s VCR shocked and surprised DIVEs. The video consisted of a
special skit, following a dramatic story with horror movie sequences that connected into “Hypnosis.” The
members shared that the video was newly made for LA, and its dark and creepy elements transformed IVE’s earlier angelic imagery into their current, gritty, girl crush era of their discography. Playing up the theatrics, Wonyoung scribbled “Satisfied?” with lipstick on the bureau prop, and seamlessly transitioned
to “My Satisfaction.”

For those who didn’t resonate with the group’s song “Kitsch,” the live concert version will change your mind, as the hot-blooded choreography and chest beating bass will get you hyped for its experimental, electronic sound. As they ended the main section of the concert with the show stopping, “After Like,” the crowd was antsy for the encore. Consisting of three songs, the concert ended on the appropriately named track, “All Night.”

Before closing out, the members of IVE gave their individual impressions of their first concert in the US.
Rei reflected on their first ever US performance at last year’s KCON, but of course, that experience paled
in comparison to their full solo tour. The other members echoed her feelings in their statements as well.
“I was a little worried because it’s my first time staying in the US this long. Even though it’s the first day
of our US world tour, I got big energy from you guys,” said Yujin. “When the LED screens opened to “I Am,” all my jet lag and worries washed away,” agreed Liz. “I’m so touched! I love you so much!”

Written By Kalai Chik (Guest Writer)
Edited By Ephney Tsai

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