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K-Pop powerhouse ITZY brought their 2nd World Tour ‘BORN TO BE’ down to Australia, captivating audiences in Sydney and Melbourne.

Yeji, Ryujin, Yuna, and Chaeryeong delivered a powerful performance, each member radiating confidence and individuality at Margaret Court Arena in Melbourne.

Kicking off the night with their latest title track ‘BORN TO BE’, fans were immediately captivated by ITZY’s strong stage presence. This anthem encourages MIDZYs to embrace their uniqueness and chase their dreams with confidence, a message perfectly reflected in the tour’s namesake. The energy stayed electric as the girls smoothly transitioned into ‘RACER’ and ‘KIDDING ME.’ The backdrop displayed dazzling visuals that mirrored ITZY’s vibrant energy, further immersing fans into their world.

Intro ment was next with each member introducing themselves with a playful “G’day mate!” The arena erupted in screams, leaving no doubt of excitement. ITZY, clearly touched by the reception, expressed their gratitude for the packed house, with many fans even flying in from other cities to come see them.

Upping the ante for this tour, ITZY brought a live band along for the ride! Yuna shared their excitement, explaining that the live band allows them to deliver a richer, more dynamic sound for their performances. ITZY then closed out act one by performing their personal favourites, ‘MR.VAMPIRE’, ‘SWIPE’, and absolute fan favourite ‘WANNABE’, dancing their iconic shoulder dance everyone knows and loves.

One of my favourites during a K-pop concert is the solo performances; where idols can showcase their individual talents through a solo. ITZY delivered an unforgettable set of solos, each member performing a self-composed track that perfectly captured their unique style. It was a true testament to their artistry and versatility. Solo performances were as follows:

  • Chaeryeong – MINE
  • Ryujin – RUN AWAY
  • Yuna – YET, BUT

Taking the stage for the next ment session, Chaeryeong opened up about her deeply personal solo, ‘MINE.’ “Through this song of mine, I can show my true feelings and show my heart”, she went on to explain the use of mirrors in her stage set, a visual metaphor reflecting the introspective lyrics.

Ryujin explained the concept of her hard-hitting solo ‘RUN AWAY’; “if a lover was too afraid to say goodbye, I will be a villain and make them run away from me”. “Is that a little sad?” she asked playfully, eliciting a chorus of “Naur” (Australian slang for “no”) from her laughing bandmates.

Yuna beamed as she introduced her solo track ‘YET, BUT’. She explained that she wanted to infuse pure joy and happiness into her solo and let’s just say that mission accomplished! Her performance was a personal highlight – an ethereal stage presence with every move, and her hair catching the wind from the fans only added to her magical aura.

Yeji expressed that when writing her solo track ‘CROWN ON MY HEAD’, she drew inspiration from ITZYs crown symbolism and queens, this kicked off a chant amongst fans echoing ‘Queen Yeji, Queen Yeji’. Caught off guard by the outpouring of love, Yeji let out an embarrassed laugh before continuing “Every time I wear this crown on my head, it feels really heavy because I think only a queen deserves this crown” but because of MIDZYs, she tried so hard and put in a lot of effort that she now feels deserving of it.

ITZY kept the momentum soaring with ‘PSYCHIC LOVER’, ‘DON’T GIVE A WHAT’, and ‘LOCO’. An extended outro surprised the audience, transforming the stage into a platform for their backup dancers to showcase their talent. They unleashed a stunning dance break, solidifying their place as an integral part of ITZY’s show.

The live band seized the spotlight for their own solo performance too, launching into an extended intro that built anticipation for ITZY’s iconic track ‘NOT SHY’. The arena pulsed with energy as MIDZYs shouted the signature chant, “Not shy, not me, ITZY!” before the girls reappeared on stage as a group to deliver a triple threat of their biggest songs, ‘NOT SHY’, ‘CAKE’, and ‘SNEAKERS’, igniting the arena with a singalong party.

For the encore, ITZY performed their heartfelt songs ‘LOVE IS’ and ‘BE IN LOVE’ with the lyrics displayed on the backdrop for everyone to sing and sway along. ITZY said their goodbyes and thanked everyone again for coming tonight. In a touching tribute, the girls acknowledged the absence of their missing member, Lia. Ryujin, her voice filled with warmth, shared that Lia would have given anything to be there with them in Australia and that the next time they come back, she’ll definitely be joining. The girls rallied the audience to shout as loud as they could so that Lia could hear from back home.

With a traditional group photo, the girls closed the night with ‘CHILLIN’ CHILLIN‘’ and ‘DALLA DALLA’ with streamers shooting out into the audience making it rain.

Hope all Aussie MIDZYs that attended shows in both Melbourne and Sydney enjoyed themselves as much as we did! Fingers crossed ITZY returns again soon.

A massive thank you to ITZY and Live Nation for this opportunity.

Written by: May Lam

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