[K-Exclusive] KARD Become the Aces of the “Playground” in Sydney

Written by on março 17, 2024

Hidden Kards were all in when KARD left everything on the stage of The Enmore Theatre. J.Seph, Jiwoo, Somin and BM brought KARD’s World Tour: Playground to Sydney on the 10th of March 2024 and to put it simply; it wasn’t just a walk in the park – it was a dynamic trip to KARD’s Playground.

A typical K-Pop concert has a distinctive archetype.  The show starts with three (3) songs, then the artist will introduce themselves to the audience, another few songs follow and then the artist talks some more. Rinse and repeat until an encore performance, and then the night ends. 

KARD threw out the handbook and rewrote their own. A refreshing perspective on concerts that was made clear throughout the night. A few songs followed by introductions of course BUT there were twists and turns that followed and kept their fans engaged every second of every minute. The night flowed effortlessly from performance to stage talks to interactions and games with randomly selected fans. 

I’ve never seen fan interactions and genuine an humble as what the members delivered. Somin, BM, Jiwoo, J.Seph took to every inch of the stage making eye contact and performing to each of their adoring fans, fans of which filled the entire venue. 

KARD’s performances were unmatched. Powerful doesn’t even cut it. Each member had a commanding stage presence, with choreography oozing with attitude and confidence beyond compare.

Mid-show, a digital wheel spinner appeared on the back drop and a table with a black box was brought onto the stage. The box was full of the names of every fan in the audience, and Jiwoo, Somin, J.Seph and BM took turns picking out a name each from the box. These fans had the once in a lifetime opportunity to be on stage with KARD, spin the wheel and win a special randomised prize. The prizes up for grabs was a photo with one (1) member, a group photo with all members of KARD, a hug, a sexy dance, a morning call, and the elusive “HIDDEN”.

BM’s lucky fan joked about selecting the “Sexy Dance” prize, and the joked that suggestion into reality. The lights dimmed and BM did not disappoint. Jiwoo & Somin’s chosen fans received the “Hug” prize, where they got three (3) hugs from their respective KARD members. A regular front hug, one from the back and one of the fan’s choice. Genius struck when Somin’s fan requested their hug of choice; a group hug. It really was a moment of pure joy when each member took a corner of the stage to themselves and ran towards the fan to fulfil their group hug wish. Finally we discovered what the mysterious “HIDDEN” prize was – J.Seph and his fan intertwined fingers while BM held up a small towel in between their faces. Keeping the two hidden from each other until the towel was lowered and the chance to profess their love for each other was revealed. A cute harmonious “I love you” was sung out from both J.Seph and his fan before they all burst into laughter.

Another highlight of the show was BM taking the lead as the show’s unofficial MC. Speaking for himself and translating for his members, the banter was endless and truly entertaining. Yet another factor that made this night an effortless delight.

Throughout their VCRs we found out how the group has overcome the adversity of being a co-ed group; mutual respect and communication. As a group, they tend to talk most about what’s on the horizon. What direction they may take and what they want to do next. They unpack these conversations with the mindset of being honest with each other. If they have a problem that needs to be addressed they don’t keep it hidden; “Let’s fight and solve the problem together”. Their VCR finished with a message to the fans that included heart felt and genuine gratitude for their fans with the hopes that they continue their support for KARDSomin thanked fans for their energy, saying that “looking at the faces of our fans makes me forget everything [all her anxieties]”. J.Seph chimed in to highlight that “[fans] shine on us, and that’s why we can shine.

Having KARD back in Sydney for the first time in 6 years was truly something special. Being able to witness the growth of such an extraordinary group was sensational. After such an unbelievable night, we can’t wait for KARD to return. KARD’s World Tour: “Playground” in Sydney was definitely a night that we will always hold close and never forget.

A massive thank you to KARD & Box Live AU for this opportunity.

Article by Rachel Di Giglio
Images by Kaiju Creative 

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