[K-Exclusive]: SOOJIN: A “Flowering” Night Blossoms in Sydney

Written by on março 4, 2024

Valentine’s Day came early this year when SOOJIN chose to bring her Fan Concert “Flowering” to Sydney on February 13th. The night was filled with charisma, audience questions, fun mini games and jaw-dropping performances.

Late last year saw the announcement of SOOJIN’s exclusive contract with BRD and the release of her debut EP, “Agassy,” on November 8th. With such a fresh start in the industry as a solo artist, SOOJIN’s loyal fans were beyond excited with Box Live’s announcement that SOOJIN’s Fan Concert “Flowering” was coming to both Melbourne and Sydney.

The Fan Concert gave both SOOJIN and fans a chance to get to know each other in a much more interactive way than a general concert allows. The night started with a stunning VCR and performances started with THE title track “Agassy,” followed by “bloodredroses.” The audience could not contain themselves the whole night, their singing and screams could be heard throughout the Metro Theatre.

David Park was the host night’s host and there could not have been any more fit for the job. His warm and kind demeanour meshed well with SOOJIN and her shy personality, and the back and forth between the two created an authentic dialogue that flowed throughout the show.

And the games began. The digital backdrop transformed into a large bingo board, beneath the rectangles were nine tasks created to dig into “Agassy.” SOOJIN was challenged to complete bingo tasks that revolved around her debut album and revealed her bright and playful nature. It was during this part of the night where we found out a hidden talent of SOOJIN’s that she was yet to share with her fans – she’s a very talented Hip-Hop dancer. After a dance filled with laughter and a lot of cuteness, the audience hyped SOOJIN up, convincing her that she must have been a Hip-Hop dancer in a past life. We also found out some of SOOJIN’s favourite dishes to eat and cook, as well as her love for Australia.

The contrast between SOOJIN speaking and performing was impressively stark. When she was taking part in the night’s interactive activities, she was cute and shy – but when she was performing, it was like turning on a light switch as she became powerful and sultry. Along with her tracks “SUNSET,” “TyTy,” and “Sunflower,” the singer also performed a dance cover of Christina Aguilera‘s song “But I Am A Good Girl” that was featured in the film Burlesque. This cover was the perfect balance of alluring and bewitching, and just so much fun.

Jenga was the next and final game of the night, where SOOJIN would play and answer a question for each progression of the game. The games were cleverly assisted with David who engaged the audience with every chance. There was also an opportunity for SOOJIN to interact with the audience that gave nothing but positivity and cheers.

It was an absolutely wonderful experience being able to spend a special evening with an extremely talented artist. SOOJIN was such a warm and welcoming artist who truly treasured her time during the Fan Concert, and it was evident as she became a lot more comfortable throughout the night making jokes and interacting with her fans. Her smile never left her face, and it never left the audience’s either.

A big thanks to BoxLive AU for this experience. Make sure to head to our Facebook page now to take a look at the full gallery from the show!

Article & Photos By Rachel Di Giglio Kaiju Creative

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