[K-Exclusive]: WOODZ Flawlessly Begins OO-LI AND U.S. Tour

Written by on dezembro 2, 2023

Kicking off his U.S. tour, WOODZ performed to a full Terrace Theater in Long Beach, California. With five more stops upcoming on the stateside leg of his OO-LI AND tour, the soloist’s first U.S. tour started strong with an energetic and fiery show. Adding on to his raw talents, the live band pairing with his strong vocals only added to the atmosphere of the overall show.

The night started with a bang as the beginning notes of “Busted” began to play at 7:30pm on the dot. The powerful song introduced WOODZ to the audience, and was followed by rock-inspired track “HIJACK,” and a bright and playful “Love Me Harder.” Just within the first three songs of the show, the singer managed to show off different sides and qualities to his stage presence, setting up a versatile show full of a variety of genres and stages. Taking a quick break from the music to introduce himself, although no introduction was necessary given how enthusiastically he was greeted by his fans (MOODZ), WOODZ soon jumped right into the next set of songs, “WAITING” and “Chaser.” Those next two tracks delved into a more pop-centric genre, showing off yet another side of the singer’s charm.

Next up was a VCR prepared for the show, with the artist himself narrating a video with his mindset of pushing forward despite any hardships or obstacles he may face. This led into the next section of the show, which started with “Who Knows,” a more hip hop-inspired song, “Dirt on my leather,” a pop punk style song, and “Trigger,” which has slight country rock music tones to it. The singer then spent some time reading fan signs and honoring fan requests, singing acoustically, signing albums, and wishing people happy birthday. WOODZ sang older songs not on the setlist such as “Waikiki” and “Pool,” before diving into a cover of Bruno Mars‘ “Runaway Baby” and his own jazzy track “Multiply,” the latter of which was met with a surprise banner event by the crowd.

The show continued on as the singer made a quick wardrobe change from his white dress shirt and long skort to a mesh black long sleeve and ripped jeans as his live band serenaded the audience with an instrumental break. This led into the third portion of the show, which was yet another vast contrast from previous stages. WOODZ pulled out his sultrier charms next, blowing through songs like “Kiss of fire” and “FEEL LIKE” with ease. The cheers grew louder and louder as the audience swooned over the singer’s performances, falling in love all over again as WOODZ flawlessly executed his high notes and raps with ease. The singer even brought out his guitar, and teased two new unreleased songs he plans on officially releasing next month. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, and the show came to a close with final performances of “Drowning” and “Journey,” the former of which was met with a standing ovation and deafening cheers from the audience. 

Just as expected of a concert, however, there was still an encore to be enjoyed by WOODZ and his fans before he was truly set to depart for the evening. The encore kicked off with “I hate you” and “BUMP BUMP,” ending the show with a happy and colorful vibe. The solo artist shared his final messages of gratitude, reminding fans to take care of themselves and eat after the show, and promising to return again in the future. The final song was “Ready to Fight,” and after a VCR set to his song “Thanks to” to express his love for his supporters, WOODZ’s first solo U.S. concert was officially over.

Despite this being the singer’s first time performing in the U.S. and his first U.S. tour, WOODZ executed each stage with the comfortability of a veteran performer and a commanding stage presence only achievable by someone who has been in the industry as long as he has. Each song brought a different genre and feeling for the audience, and WOODZ ultimately curated the perfect setlist to show off each of his multifaceted talents and charms. 

Special thank you to WOODZ and his team for allowing Officially Kmusic to attend, and make sure to head to our Facebook page now to view all of our photos from the show!

Written & Edited By Ephney Tsai

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