[K-Exclusive]: xikers Light Up Chicago with TRICKY HOUSE: First Encounter Tour

Written by on dezembro 2, 2023

The Patio Theater in Chicago became the epicenter of K-pop euphoria as xikers, rising stars of the genre, graced the stage with their first-ever world tour just months after debut. The night was filled with an electrifying blend of music, dance, and unforgettable moments that left fans in awe and longing for more.

The show was off to an exhilarating start as xikers took the stage to the hypnotic sound of their opening section, featuring the songs “TRICKY House,” “Doorbell Ringing,” and “Oh My Gosh.” The audience was immediately captivated by the group’s dance-heavy performances, setting the tone for an incredible night ahead, though what truly showcased the rookie boy group’s versatility was the next segment of their performance. Demonstrating their ability to tackle various genres within K-pop, the members split into sub-units to deliver breathtaking cover medleys of some of K-pop’s most beloved hits. Songs included BLACKPINK’sKill This Love,BTS’sDynamite,” NCT 127’sCherry Bomb,” NewJeans’Hype Boy,” (G)I-DLE’sQueencard,” and a final dynamic group performance of ATEEZ’s “BOUNCY (K-HOT CHILLI PEPPERS).”

xikers continued to show off their individual charms and talents throughout the show as well. Two standout moments came when members Hunter and Junmin choreographed a sultry dance to The Weeknd’sDie for You,” leaving the audience spellbound. Despite this, however, it wasn’t all a celebration; the absence of member Junghoon was a poignant reminder that the group’s dynamics were temporarily altered. Not forgetting to include him, xikers expressed their yearning for his return, creating an air of anticipation for future performances.

Between the unit covers and choreographies and performances of their own songs, the surprises weren’t over yet. Before the encore, xikers recorded a post-concert reaction video, introducing the official encore stage, which included songs “Sunny Side,” “Homeboy,” and “Rockstar.” These songs, while equally upbeat, brought together a culmination of both energy and happiness, leaving the audience on an unforgettable high.

xikers’ first world tour in Chicago wasn’t just a concert; it was an experience, showcasing the group’s incredible versatility, captivating dance performances, and their genuine connection with their fans. Although they’re still rookies, xikers proved that they are not only trendsetters in the K-pop world, but also an unstoppable force capable of delivering unforgettable moments on the global stage. Fans left the venue with hearts full of love, eagerly looking forward to the day when the group is complete once more and ready to light up the stage again.

Thank you xikers’s team and MyMusicTaste for allowing Officially Kmusic to attend. Make sure to check out all our photos from the show on our Facebook page now!

Written By Kortney Kendall
Edited By Ephney Tsai

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