[K-Exclusive]: TOMORROW X TOGETHER Lights Up Los Angeles’ Crypto.com Arena

Written by on maio 22, 2024

All photos courtesy of BIGHIT MUSIC.

As part of their ACT : PROMISE World Tour, TOMORROW X TOGETHER performed two nights in Los Angeles’ famed Crypto.com Arena (formerly known as Staples Center). The group has continuously grown in popularity in the U.S., as proven with this tour’s venue choices, as they were even bigger and grander than their 2023 tour, ACT : SWEET MIRAGE. Despite taking place on Tuesday and Wednesday nights, fans, known as MOA, still flocked to Downtown Los Angeles, ready to see their favorite group.

With a general admission floor format, fans began to line up days ahead of their concerts in hopes of getting the closest spot possible to the group. Camped out in tents with lawn chairs and blankets outside the venue, the never-ending line of MOA outside was enough to emphasize the group’s popularity.

The show began just a little bit after 7:30pm, as the lights dimmed and the sound of MOA’s cheers only grew louder. The members of TOMORROW X TOGETHER appeared on stage first to perform their latest title song, “Deja Vu,” before diving right into a magical, fantasy-like series of songs, including “9 and Three Quarters (Run Away),” “0X1=LOVESONG (I Know I Love You),” “Devil by the Window,” “Sugar Rush Ride,” and “Farewell, Neverland.” These songs set the tone for the evening, with lyrics emphasizing friendship, hopelessness, and finding hope, illustrating the group’s youth that has been spent together with their MOA. Notably, the group prepared special Korean traditional renditions of the latter two songs, wearing hanboks and incorporating traditional Korean instruments.

After another quick VCR, the group was back with a more energetic set of songs, starting with “Chasing That Feeling,” “Magic,” which was performed facing each direction of the stage to face every MOA, “New Rules,” and “LO$ER=LO♡ER.” With the first segment focusing on songs with more of a mystical, fantasy-like feeling, this section was higher energy, with faster and sharper choreography. This section ended with “Ghosting,” “Thursday’s Child Has Far To Go,” “Trust Fund Baby,” and “Quarter Life,” which was performed by just TAEHYUN, BEOMGYU, and HUENINGKAI, before another VCR was welcomed as a transition to the next segment of the show.

With their music having gradually matured since their debut, the setlist also followed suit. Starting off with the refreshingly youthful tracks, each section became darker and moodier, further emphasized with this third section of the concert. This next portion featured songs “The KILLA (I belong to you),” performed by just SOOBIN and YEONJUN, the performance version of “Back For More,” and “Tinnitus,” which is known for its sultrier choreography. This segment was split into two parts with a VCR, and while the first part was edgy but sultry, the second half was edgy and more rock-centric. The second part consisted of the hard rock versions of “PUMA” and “Good Boy Gone Bad,” as well as the pause version of “Growing Pain,” which featured HUENINGKAI rocking out on an electric guitar.

These tracks led into the final segment of the show, which featured “Dreamer,” “Deep Down,” and, to end the night, “I’ll See You There Tomorrow.” With the final song set as one that meaningfully alludes to TOMORROW X TOGETHER’s relationship with their MOAs as they progress through their career, learning from each other and growing together, the group’s biggest LA concert to-date ended on a sentimental and purposeful note.

The group, of course, returned for an encore as well, not wanting the evening to end so soon. The encore consisted originally of just “Magic Island” and “Miracle,” however, TOMORROW X TOGETHER also wanted to match LA MOA’s energy through the end, and included two bonus songs. The five members added in an extra encore of “Cat & Dog,” and officially closed the show with “MOA Diary (Dubaddu Wari Wari).

Although this was not the first time SOOBIN, YEONJUN, TAEHYUN, BEOMGYU, and HUENINGKAI have performed in the U.S. or in Los Angeles, their modest approach and sparkling eyes as they gazed upon their MOAs made it feel as if it were their first. “Although we’ve met some MOA for the first time on this tour, we’ve been to LA so many times it feels like you’re our best friends already.”

Showering their fans with love and creating long-lasting memories of performances that flawlessly highlighted the group’s synchronized choreography, effortless vocals, and smooth rap, and further enhancing the experience with their fun and bright personalities, TOMORROW X TOGETHER put together a truly unforgettable concert.

A special thank you to TOMORROW X TOGETHER’s team, HYBE, and BIG HIT MUSIC for allowing Officially Kmusic to attend and enjoy the show!

Written & Edited By Ephney Tsai

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